Archival pigment ink, modified acrylic resins, acrylic paintand oil on Linen

8 parts, each 180 x 280 cm.




The metaphors of the dynamic process of design can be a powerful medium through with stability and world changes can be understood. This is why when we analyse the symbolic and creative work we apply a certain multi laterality which is suggested to us by the analysis that is innate in the piece Ayer Hoy by Nicolás Franco. Franco’s intervention consists of folding the pages of the book so that the texts of the original publication are juxtaposed and inter-woven on one single plane of representation. This relationship of recto/verso, typical on any page in any book, is what Franco destabilises through this simple operation that “designs” a new order. In particular Franco’s focus here articulates a new way in which the image, the object and the concept are diversified. It is a focal direction confronting that which is iconic in a phrase or a photograph that represents the coordinates of investigation and action which manage a social and political context. In this way the beginnings of articulation should, under our gaze, lay the foundations of a fractured space that reproduces a prefigured image. In this way the visual and spatial strategies canonise a discourse that does not suddenly end or disappear. Franco is reconstructing a story through this work, and in this aspect we find concepts that study its representation.

Rodolfo Andaur, independent curator.