Treated Like Flowers
Archival Pigment ink and modified acrylic resins on 300grs cotton paper
6 parts, each 220 x 154 cm
Unique piece
Collection Claudio Engel, Santiago


In Treated Like Flowers, Nicolas Franco presents a series of anonymous faces recuperated from archives and ‘reconstructs’ these portraits restoring their lost beauty deformed and mutilated by war. Large black geometric figures define an absence, at the same time anchoring it to the present. The restoration of the deformity is complete, when the “skin” of the image’s surface, is scarred by the artist’s own hand in a parallel process that emulates the original experience of the depicted. The idea of pursuing imperfection to its limits, restores preciousness into the matrix of the image. In wounding the corporeality of the photographic surface, Nicolas Franco worships deformity, reversing the ugly to its original beauty. Paralleling the scars on the skin, the marks Franco inscribes are part of a lived experience. These scars are not only there as memories, but become a new present, where image and text become intertwined in a spectacle of the “freak”.


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